What is a zine? Zines mean different things to different people but usually they’re small, non-commercial booklets with thoughts, pictures, poems, and basically anything you want. For someone whose thoughts don’t always come fully formed and has a complicated relationship to prose, it’s a wonderful form that allows me to assemble my dreams and feelings into a zine. Below are a few that I’ve made:


To know what you’ll sound like is worth nothing:

This zine was made for a class on Race and Political Theory but in many ways it is my love letter to myself four years ago when I started Wellesley. In many ways, it is all the things I wish someone had told me back then and sharing it is my kind of time travel. It’s about the difficulties of not seeing Asian American represented on conversations about race and the joys of discovering that you can write your own theories using poetry.


This zine was a collaboration between my mother and I, with my poetry and commentary and excerpts from her unpublished novel of the same name. Making it and sharing it with her was a deeply transformative and educational experience for the both of us. It is about our relationship, four generations of Chinese women, and the journey across cultures/continents.